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3 Advantages of Using a Baby bed

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3 Advantages of Using a Baby bed

baby bed has a lot of advantages, especially for mothers who look after the baby alone for the most part of the day. The infant bed will not only get used during the night time but will prove to be a piece of very helpful baby furniture in managing your baby during the day as well.

There are many advantages to letting your baby sleep in a baby bed, like:

1. Baby can sleep more peacefully without getting disturbed: When sleeping in a baby bed, your baby will be able to sleep peacefully and get a night of undisturbed sleep. Often, if your baby sleeps with you in the same bed, your or your partner's movements can disturb the baby's sleep, waking him/her up and in turn waking you up to put the baby back to sleep.

2. No danger of baby rolling off from the bed: If you manage your baby alone during the day then sometimes going to the bathroom can also become tricky! If your baby is a few months old and is awake and you have to go to the toilet then you will definitely face the dilemma of how to leave the baby alone? But if the baby is in the baby bed then you can be sure that the baby won't fall off accidentally and hurt him/herself as all baby beds have a railing for child safety.

Adding a few baby bed accessories like a child mobile to the bed will keep the baby entertained in the baby bed too! Till the time your baby does not learn to get up and stand on his or her own, you can easily let your baby sleep, play or simply lie down awake in the baby bed as you do other work or take rest yourself

3. Sleep training of baby can be started right from birth: Babies that sleep with their mothers ask to be fed more often during the night as the physical proximity with the mother, her smell and the disturbances due to sleeping with adults tend to make the baby demand more night-time feeds. This frequent waking up in the night is detrimental for sleep training. Once the baby gets used to sleeping with parents the habit will be very hard to break or change when as they grow up.

For mothers who breastfeed their babies and babies who like to be breastfed multiple times during the night, using a baby bed that can be attached to the bed is a good option. One can easily take care of the night time feeds without having to wake up fully, or without making your baby too restless. When your baby sleeps near you safely in the baby bed, you will be able to hear your baby's cries or stirring and immediately tend to your baby.

A baby bed will help you to let your baby sleep safely, without them running the risk of getting accidentally hurt either by you rolling over them or accidentally stepping over their delicate body. Please remember for baby bed safety, it is very important that you make your baby sleep on her/his back in the baby bed to avoid the dangers of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is an important thing to remember and pay attention to when you make your baby sleep in the bed for ensuring the safety of your baby.


What to Look For When Choosing a High Chair for Your Baby

Since you will be spending quite a lot of money on a high chair, you’ll probably want it to withstand at least two years of regular use or more if you’re looking to pass it on in your family. Well, that’s about durability, but there’s more you should check in a high chair before buying.

1. The first thing you need to check in a high chair is how functional it is. You must check if it comes with:

  • a detachable tray. This makes picking your baby out and putting him in a little easier and also makes cleaning the tray a whole lot easier.

  • wheels so that you can move it around from one room to the other. Also check, if the wheels can be locked to keep the chair stationary while feeding.

  • a transition option so that it can accommodate the needs of your growing baby. You will find many high chairs that can convert into a booster seat or a normal chair. Yes, you can now buy a multifunctional high chair too!